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Planning a wedding can be an extremely stressful process with lots of pitfalls. One of the important parts of planning a wedding reception is making sure that your guests are having a good time. One main facet of this is quality of your wedding bar.

Bullfrog Wine & Spirits is your go-to liquor store when it comes to planning your wedding bar. Just supply us with the number of guests and any specific drink preferences, and we can help you build your full wedding bar.

*Please note that Bullfrog provides beverages for your event, but we do not provide bartenders or servers.

*Please note delivery is offered on a case by case basis. We will follow up with you if we are able to offer delivery for your event.

Wedding Order Inquiry

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  • Please give a brief description of your vision for beer/wine/spirits. Do you want an even mix of craft/domestic/seltzer for beers? Mix of Red/White/Rosé for wine? Any “must-haves” on your list? Some special bubbles for the bride/groom? If you want spirits, any specifics are helpful: full bar? top shelf? Mixers too? Want some ice?

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the drinks and beverages at your wedding:

Make sure you have enough beverages

Don’t be that wedding! One of the pitfalls for any wedding is not having enough alcohol for all of your guests. Running out of alcohol is one of the most common complaints from guests. Make sure that you plan for roughly three drinks per adult guest, and add roughly 10% to that. It’s much better to have too much alcohol than too little, as you can save whatever isn’t used.

Cater to your crowd

Make sure that you have a large variation of different kinds of drinks for many different groups of people. Don’t plan on having just one type of alcohol. Have beer, wine, and liquor available to all of your guests.

When it comes to beer, include a good mix of well-known beer and microbrews to keep everyone happy. It’s always a good idea to have local specialties for out of town guests too.

Include Options for Non-Drinkers

Just because we are a liquor store doesn’t mean we ignore those who don’t drink alcohol. Make sure that your wedding bar provides options for those who don’t drink. Great alternatives that are common at weddings are lemonade, iced tea, coffee, and soda.

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