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Owning a business or running a department can be extremely difficult as there are many hats that you have to wear. One of the best ways that businesses reward or show appreciation for their employees is by throwing a appreciation party or holiday party.

Planning for this party can be tedious and not one of the many hats that you normally wear. But have no fear! Bullfrog Wine & Spirits has helped many businesses throw corporate parties by planning the drink menu and variety so that everyone is having a good time. Simply provide us with the number of guests and any special recommendations or accommodations and we can put together a full drink list for your corporate event!

Please note that Bullfrog provides beverages for your event, but we do not provide bartenders or servers.

When throwing a corporate party, keep these things in mind when planning the drinks and beverages:

Don’t run out of drinks!

The cardinal sin (so to speak) of any corporate party is to have too few drinks. The last thing that you want is your employees to think that the company is being “cheap” because the party doesn’t have enough drinks.

Always plan for at least three drinks per attendee. If guests drink less than this (which, many will), you can send employees home with some extra beer or liquor as an added bonus.

Have a large variety

Chances are that the alcohol tastes of your workplace are as varied as the employees themselves. You don’t want to be caught with just one kind of alcohol – in order not to alienate certain guests or employees. Make sure you have a wide variety of beer, multiple kinds of wine, and at least a couple different liquor choices so that everyone is happy.

Don’t have just alcohol!

Depending on the type of party, some employees may be bringing their children or may simply not drink. You need to make sure that you provide options for non-drinkers or kids as well, including soda, tea, coffee, or lemonade. This is key to making sure that everyone is having a great time.

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