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Planning a party can be fun, but it can also be tedious and stressful if you don’t have your bases covered. One of those bases is making sure that you have enough beverages for all of the guests.

No matter what the occasion of your party is, Bullfrog Wine & Spirits can help you plan. We provide liquor and beverage catering for a number of corporate clients and events across Fort Collins, so let our experience work for you. Even if your event is not corporate or related to an event, Bullfrog can help you plan your house or private party event. Just give us a number of guests and any restrictions or ideas and we can help you decide what a solid cooler looks like.

Please note that Bullfrog provides beverages for your event, but we do not provide bartenders or servers.

When looking to provide liquor for an event, keep these tips in mind:

Quantity is as Important as Quality

The one thing you don’t want to do is run out of drinks. When the drinks run dry, so does the fun. People will start to leave, and activities and events begin to slow down. Very few (if any) alcoholic beverages can’t be saved, so there’s really no excuse for running out of drinks.

When determining your quantity, plan for about two and a half drinks for each and every guest and you should end up with enough booze to please everyone!

Variety is Key

Because everyone has different tastes, it’s important to have many different drink options for guests. Many people don’t like beer, or some people may only like a certain kind of beer such as ales or IPAs. Make sure you have at least a few different kinds of beer (Fort Collins breweries have plenty to choose from!) and hard liquor options such as Vodka and Whiskey.

Prepare for Non-Drinkers

Just because we are a liquor store doesn’t mean we think everyone should be drinking! Have options (other than water) for non-drinkers such as soda, iced tea, lemonade, punch or pretty much anything else that someone could want. These drinks are inexpensive and easy to provide.

Fort Collins Party Liquor Catering

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